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Malaysia-Glove deals with Local market and Export wide range of products such as Nitrile Examination/ Disposable Glove, Latex Examination/ Disposable Glove (Powder-Free or Powdered) and Surgical Latex. We supply Gloves in CE only, with FDA510K, supply for buyer OEM brand and so on. We supply Gloves with CE, FDA510K or OEM for buyers’ own ...

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Our “LISHI” brand of Nitrile examination gloves are produced under strict adherence to international quality standards. Our Nitrile examination gloves offer added value to users in term of “comfort & elastic feeling” as well as enhanced protection against chemicals, and have been tested for resistance to selective chemicals and chemotherapy drugs (ASTM F739), and are design for various ...


10% Ethanol (V/V) Aqueous Solution 2 Hours at 40°C 3.625 10 3% Acetic Acid (W/V) Aqueous Solution 2 Hours at 40°C 9.156 10 Isooctane 2 Hours at 40°C ND 10 Comment -- PASS -- Sample Description : NITRILE POWDER FREE GLOVES. Note: 1. mg/dm2 = milligram per square decimeter 2. °C = degree Celsius 3. ND = Not Detected 4.

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Nitrile Gloves. Looking for a durable, heavier-duty glove option? Use GloveNation's selection of nitrile gloves. Ideal for applications in foodservice, automotive, medical, industrial, beauty, and laboratory industries, nitrile gloves offer excellent puncture and tear resistance to provide added strength.

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Jan 22, 2021·Part of the demand spike is coming from new industries that instituted glove-wearing policies due to the pandemic — grocery clerks and e-commerce pickers and packers, for example. Demand for a sturdier, all-day-oriented nitrile gloves, which Showa produced in Guatemala, is also growing as single-use nitrile gloves become harder to find.

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Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevent roll down. Superior strength with better puncture resistance. Finger or palm textured enhanced wet and dry grip. Thinner gauge improves tactile sensitivity. Custom design enhanced comfort and fit. Provide an alternative solution for individuals who are allergic to Natural Rubber Latex.


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Fact Sheet: Disposable Nitrile Gloves in Chemical Labs. Original version 12/2018, Revised 1/2019, 3/2019, 3/2021. Note: For the purpose of this Fact Sheet, the term "disposable nitrile gloves" refers to gloves that are one-time use and have a thickness of 5-mil and less. Examples are given in the tables at the end of the fact sheet.

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Jul 07, 2021·Powder Free Examination Black Disposable Nitrile Gloves US$ 1.9 - 2.9 / Box 1000 Boxes Minimum Order Inquire Now Orange Disposable Nitrile Exam Procure Disposable Nitrile Gloves US$ 1.9 - 2.9 / Box 1000 Boxes Minimum Order Inquire Now Disposable Gloves with Nitrile Examination Glove with Box US$ 1.9 - 2.9 / Box 1000 Boxes Minimum Order Inquire Now

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Shop nitrile medical examination gloves. Powder free and latex free. 200 gloves per box. Ships from Canada.

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Exam gloves are an essential tool to protect patients and workers in healthcare environments. Caresfield's nitrile exam gloves provide you with extreme protection and tear-resistance along with a thin glove wall for high dexterity. Nitrile exam gloves are non-latex to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, a common concern when treating patients.

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PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves have an AQL of 1.0 for critical defects. This means that PURPLE NITRILE* Exam Gloves are significantly less likely to have critical defects than exam gloves that just meet the ASTM 2.5 AQL requirement. Meets or exceeds ASTM D6319 - Standard Specification for Nitrile Examination Glove for Medical Applications

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Wishmed was established in March 2010 in Australia as a technical consultancy to support Lab equipment installations and repairs. In Feb 2011, we took steps to come in Medical and Laboratory supply field after finding unregulated priced product in the market.

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